Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Civil Rights and 1960s Review

Sorry it took so long, but I just got finished grading all of the quizzes (US History and Economics). In my rush I put some of the answers out of order. Please make sure you put the answer with the number indicated on this page. ( mainly look at 7. then 5.)

1. taking pride in Black Heritage, think Malcolm X
2. what LBJ called his program (remember his University of Michigan commencement address in May 1964 - before the election)
3. what JFK's program was called.
4. after Rosa Parks did not give up her seat on a Montgomery bus, MLK and other African American civil rights activists led an 11 month long bus strike.
7. JFK's plan to send young men and women to perform humanitarian work in developing countries.
6.Supreme Court decision to allow segregation must be "seperate but equal."
5. Supreme Court decision that outlawed "seperate but equal" gave civil rights incentive
8. people wanting to change "the system"
9. allowed people to vote only if they had a relative vote prior to 1865 (kept African Americans from voting because they were slaves before then, but allowed poor whites to vote)
10. you could vote only if you could pass the reading test. (again, most African Americans could not read)
11. must pay a "fee" in order to vote.
12. allow races to coexist

More tomorrow...

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